A Fresh Look at Livonia Government

Bruce will enter the mayoral office as a seasoned leader experienced in municipal government, but with objectivity and no personal ties to current Livonia policies. His years of management in Emergency Services, combined with his dedication to the city where he lives and raised his family, will aid Bruce as he proactively evaluates the inner workings of our city government. Livonia is a wonderful city built on many practices that have served us well and should be encouraged, but it seems the local politicians only address the positive stories. Bruce feels strongly that the more difficult issues must also be discussed before resolution can occur. Bruce will speak up for his constituents without fear of political repercussions, as his only motive for becoming mayor is simply to make Livonia a better place to call home.

Protect Our Environment

Environmental issues in Livonia are a pressing concern to residents, but are rarely discussed in public by elected officials. Bruce recognizes and will address the environmental “secrets” on which other candidates have been silent. The spread of contamination from the transmission plant must be addressed with pressure from the city to clean up the source. We must protect what little wild areas and park lands we have left in Livonia. Finally, Bruce supports a study of the population growth of deer, coyotes, and rats as a first step towards responsible management of urban wildlife.

Encourage Smart Growth

Livonia is almost “built out.” There are very few sites left in the city for new developments, and with an aging infrastructure, perhaps that is a good thing. However, for a city to thrive, it must continue to improve and gain value. Livonia must shift its focus to improvements and reuse of our existing neighborhoods and business developments. As an accomplished tradesperson, Bruce understands the real and perceived barriers to improvements on existing structures. These barriers must be addressed from the standpoints of education, zoning, inspection, assessment, and taxation. Bruce will institute policies that encourage city involvement in an effort to revitalize our community.

Stabilize Public Safety

Livonia prides itself on having premier public safety departments. However, both the police and fire departments are finding it almost impossible to fill their ranks with the high quality recruits necessary to meet our high standards. In an effort to maintain fiscal responsibility and low taxes during difficult financial times, we have inadvertently discouraged top candidates from seeking employment in Livonia. As mayor, Bruce will bring hard decisions to the table, with workable solutions that can only be articulated by someone who has walked the walk. Bruce will responsibly make Livonia Public Safety the place where the best candidates, out of an ever-shrinking pool, will want to spend their careers.

Become A Volunteer

Join our team as we work to get Bruce elected mayor the old-fashioned way: caring citizens working together to elect the right person for the job. 

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