Meet Bruce Tenniswood

A leader who is unafraid to lead, regardless of the issue.

A man who loves his family, his community, and his country.

A public servant who dedicated his career to protecting the lives and property of his fellow citizens.

  • About Bruce

    Bruce has deep roots in the City of Livonia.  He spent much of his childhood visiting his grandparents at their Livonia home, which they built in 1941.  He has happy memories of shopping at Wonderland and Livonia Malls, getting ice cream from Cloverdale, and milk delivery from Twin Pines Dairy.  In 1992, he purchased their home, where he raised his own family.  He and his wife, Donna, have a family of five children, their spouses, and three grandchildren.

    Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Madonna University, and extensive post graduate studies in Business Administration and Emergency Management.  He is a graduate of the Eastern Michigan University School of Staff and Command, is a Paramedic, and Fire Officer IV. He spent his career in the Fire Service, retiring as Deputy Fire Chief in a neighboring community.  His experience in municipal management has prepared him well to serve as an effective leader for the City of Livonia and a civil servant for its residents.

    After leaving the fire service, Bruce was recruited to manage a local ambulance company.  He served as General Manager of a fleet of emergency, non-emergency, and service vehicles and a staff of approximately 150 employees.  Upon fulfillment of his contractual obligations, he moved on to other enterprises.  In addition to his keen interest in organizational management, Bruce has developed a broad base of experience in auto and fleet service, facility management, and construction trades.  He is an accomplished builder/remodeler, and loves to coach DIY enthusiasts as they tackle their own projects. He understands the struggles of homeowners and businesses alike, and loves to help anyone he can.

    In 2016, after discovery of toxic chemicals in the groundwater of Alden Village Subdivision, Bruce was the driving force in mobilizing the affected neighbors.  Since initiating reactivation of their subdivision association, he has served as its President.  He has worked extensively with local and state government representatives to get protection for every home in harm’s way.  Bruce has the background and understanding of the issue to provide leadership as cleanup progresses, with an eye on the balance between protecting the city from further environmental disaster and maintaining the viability of Livonia’s largest employer and tax payer.

    Bruce is running for Mayor for many reasons, including the deep respect he has developed for the department directors.  He will maintain the positive atmosphere and cooperation within city departments.  He is dedicated to the everyday issues of Livonia residents.  With clear vision, unclouded by political persuasion, Bruce will address issues that do not receive adequate attention from current or past elected officials.

  • The Vision

    Bruce Tenniswood has always been focused on getting the job done.  As a long time Chief Officer, he developed the work characteristic of finding solutions to problems. He believes that a problem identified is half solved. He also believes a problem unidentified or unacknowledged will never be solved. Bruce will address each and every challenge as it arises, with a mindset on the impact on the City of Livonia and its residents. His vision is for a city government that is willing to step up, accept challenges as they arise, and respond appropriately for the benefit of the community.

    The City of Livonia government is a subdivision of our federal, state, and county governments.  Livonia deserves a mayor that will faithfully and diligently represent the city in dealings with those entities.  Bruce has the courage and tenacity to influence members of those governmental bodies, so Livonia receives the resources and services that it deserves.  For too long, Livonia has put up with poor services, such as crumbling roads and substandard maintenance.  In a community with the population and tax base we provide, our services such as snow plowing on non-Livonia serviced roads are horrible.  Why?

    In 2015, Ford Motor Company discussed with the Mayor and Council members serving at that time, about toxic chemicals on their property that had contaminated the groundwater and  were flowing east off their property.  Those city officials, some still serving and/or running for office currently, remained silent on the issue, with no notice to residents until the state forced notification in 2016. Why?

    Livonia has a “worst kept secret” that has been going on for years.  Some residents claim it started when I-96 was rebuilt, and some say long before. There is a significant population of rats that have established colonies around the city. Calls to the city result in residents being advised to clean up pet waste and avoid feeding the birds.  The city does not have a program to exterminate them. Why?

    The Police and Fire Departments are both dealing with difficulty in retaining their members.  They are leaving a city where employees should dream of working. Top quality recruits are very difficult to find in a labor pool that becomes more limited as societal conditions change.  Department members know the reasons this is an issue, and it hurts the city in the short and long term.  The city has not begun public discussion of solutions, including re-examining employee and retiree benefits.  Why?

    Bruce Tenniswood will never allow these and other issues to remain hidden in silence.  They will be brought to light and actionable plans will be instituted.  His vision is for a long term strategy to keep Livonia the place people want to live, work, and conduct business.

  • The Mission

    Voters should know that Bruce Tenniswood’s mayoral mindset will reflect his belief that “The buck stops here!”  An effective mayor understands that election to office is a reflection of trust given by the people, and carries an obligation of responsibility for the organization.

    Bruce has many years of working with and for several mayors.  He has lived with the effects of both good and not-so-good decisions. Sound decision making, often at a moment’s notice, are hallmarks of an effective mayor.  Years of decision making experience has made this an almost natural trait for Bruce. The City of Livonia will be well served by his leadership as Mayor.

    Bruce’s professional experience has taught him the wisdom of the three branch governmental framework in our country. There is a vast difference between the three branches of government, and especially those who participate in them.  Mastery of one branch does not indicate preparedness for excellence in another.  Bruce is a natural leader and administrator, trained in a system where the three branches work with each other but have separate missions. The City of Livonia will find that Bruce is a natural fit for Mayor.

    Bruce’s vision of the job is to provide leadership to the employees of the city, accountability to the residents of the city, protection for the community, and the continuation of prosperity for the City of Livonia. His management style is to run a tight but happy ship, be approachable and available to subordinates within a clear chain of command, be consistent and fair all of the time, and inspire those in his charge to be their best. Many of Bruce’s most enthusiastic supporters got to know him first as their manager, but found a friend for life.

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